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Success Plan - Air Circulation

Air Circulation

Fresh Air

Fresh air and air circulation will keep your Windowfarm plants happy. Your plants need both oxygen and carbon dioxide. Oxygen provides energy and carbon dioxide (CO2) is needed for photosynthesis. Outdoors, the breeze blows fresh air full of CO2. You need to create a similar environment indoors.

Turning on a fan as well as opening a window or the door are simple solutions. A basic oscillating fan from the hardware store will circulate the air around your Windowfarm. Set the fan on low to gently move the air around your plants.

For fresh air, many rooms have enough cracks that let in fresh air. If more fresh air is needed, try opening a window.

You want the air to be moving continuously around the Windowfarm. Are the leaves on your plants moving in the breeze? That’s what you want. Also, leaves that are moving discourage pests because they can’t hold on easily.


Air circulation also helps with humidity. Your plants are transpiring moisture into the air as they grow. However, too much humidity keeps your plants from breathing properly and may allow mold to grow. Keep the air moving!

Misting the plants regularly helps with humidity as well as keeping the leaves clean and dust free.

Optimum humidity is 50-60%. To monitor the humidity, you can buy a hygrometer from the hardware store or garden shop to check the relative humidity regularly.

On the other hand, in an overly dry room, more humidity is needed. Adding a simple humidifier from the hardware store will improve the humidity for your Windowfarm plants.

Success Plan - Light levels

Light Levels

Unless your garden sits in direct sunlight for a few hours every day, you’ll need to install supplemental lighting above the grow area.

We recommend that you invest in a growlight dedicated to your Windowfarm.

See the growlight available in the The Windowfarms Store.


Our LED growlight provides supplement light and is designed to work in combination with daylight. It has a combination of red and blue spectrum light that your plants need in order to thrive.

Position the growlight approximately 3-4 inches from your plants. If there is heat coming from the growlight, move the growlight so that your plants do not feel any heat. It’s another balancing act: as your plants grow taller, keep repositioning the growlight to keep the light as close as possible without the plants feeling any heat.

The more hours of light that your plants receive, the more they will thrive. Ten (10) hours is the minimum amount of light your plants need. Young baby plants are happy with even more – up to18 hours of light!

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